Gamcore: Some general information

I am a porn lover and I love to play games. I guess you feel the same way since you are reading this article. Let me tell some things about them that I find awesome before talking about Gamcore. I think that it is pretty awesome that today we can talk about games as if they actually have some hardcore sex scenes running inside them. So not only that the graphic is great and the quality of porn is insane in most of the games, but you can even relax and stroke your cock with one hand while you play with the other one. And this happens because most of the games need just one hand for their gameplay. You just make some simple clicks and move your mouse from here to there and the porn runs smoothly. What is even better inside them like you will see in a bit with Gamcore as well, is that you can design your own sex doll. You can build you perfectly shaped sex partner, make her skinny, chubby with small or big boobs. No matter what you like and what are your fetishes, you will get pleased in no time playing the games that are available today.

Gamcore: Intro

Once you get inside Gamcore, you can notice that there are so many games inside this huge place. If you love porn and you lie playing games, then you are definitely in the right place. You might take some free time to try Gamcore, though, because this place can capture your life. It is one of the most addicting things that I have ever experience, so you just need to be careful when you first give this a try. If you have a family or a full-time job, then be careful. You need to have more than 18 years old to play any of these hardcore games. If you are not an adult, then please don’t get inside Gamcore. But let us get back to games, shall we? On the main page of this amazing place you can find the popular games. There are lots of pages with games and you can play each one of them. Each game has reviews so you can decide if you want to play it while you read what other users have to say about it. This is quite comforting for you and it is totally worth it to read those reviews.

Gamcore: Titles of games

Let me tell you that I will try in this article to give you some of the best titles of games that you can find inside Gamcore. One game that I found interesting by its title is Milfy City. In this particular porn game, you are a student who needs some therapy at school. You are going through some troubles but the gorgeous lady decides to help your sorry ass. The best thing about this porn game is that it can let you have some opportunities and you have to choose from 3 incredibly hot females. They are mostly milfs so you get a little shy at the beginning but afterwards you are pretty relaxed while the brunette milf is sucking deep your cock and gets ready to ride your cock. In Gamcore you have to be careful not to upset the girls inside the porn games. If they are unhappy, they will end the porn. The game doesn’t take too long to load. It actually starts in less than 20 seconds and while it loads, there are some sexy female making out with a man in a hot threesome sex in the background. This happens when you have to choose your options.

Gamcore: Another interesting title

I believe that we are all familiar with the famous TV series Game of Thrones. Well, Gamcore has a game parody after it and I will tell you more about it. The name of this hot game is called Game of Whores. The name actually speaks for itself if you think about it. I will let you guess who the whore is for a bit. To play this game you have some troops available. They are archers and melee soldiers. You have to place them in the right place in front of the invaders who are coming to destroy your castle. There are two stages in this game: one is outside the castle and one inside. If the invaders get through your troops inside the castle as well, the game ends. Now, what it happens when they get through your troops is more important. You queen gets her pussy fucked by the leader of the invaders. The best part of this game inside Gamcore is that the blonde queen gets her pussy fucked no matter if you win or not. It is only different the guy who is fucking her, the good or the bad one.

Gamcore: Some other titles inside

Gameore has many more interesting games inside and I would like to mention just a few of them. I would like to start with Meet and Fuck the Plumper, go on with Booty Farm, Booty Calls, Super Deepthroat or Meet and Fuck Office Romance. These are just some few titles of the many hardcore games that you can find inside Gamcore. I would like to mention that there are some tags on the left page of Gamcore and you can search games based on those tags. If you choose, for example, the tag Fuck Town, you can notice that there are 2 pages with games from this hentai series. I believe that you managed to make yourself a pretty good idea about what this place can offer to you so you should stop watching porn and get inside this place, relax and play the best games ever.

Review Pros

  • Lots of HTML Adult Games
  • Lots of fetishes covered
  • Easy to play games

Review Cons

  • Some pushy ads

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