Sex Simulator

Sex Simulator: General thoughts

Today I am about to review a sex game called Sex Simulator. Before getting right in the middle of our subject let me remind you how grateful we have to be to even get the chance to play adult games like this. If you are a porn lover like I am and you also love games and more specific games then you probably remember that boring card game we used to play in order to see some tits if we managed to win the damn thing. In the last couple of years things got so far with porn industry that we now even get the chance to feel like we actually are fucking the girl who’s acting in the sex video. There is no use to compare those two feelings and I believe that you agree with me. Now we actually get to name games like Sex Simulator games because sex scenes are truly happening inside them. And the creators of these games give us the chance to even interact with the porn part of the games. This is actually happening from the very beginning in Sex Simulator as you can see below.

Sex Simulator: The intro

Even when you first enter Sex Simulator you have the chance to interact with porn. You have to choose your gender and the gender of your sex partner. You have even the option to choose tranny as your partner. How cool is that? The game warns you, though, that this might be a sex game that offends some people with the aggressive sex and occasionally violent sexual scenes. You have to agree with those things and with the fact that this is the most addicting games that you have ever played. In order to go further in the game you need to verify your age because you have to be over 18 years old to play Sex Simulator. While you answer all of this questions there are hardcore sex scenes happening in the background. You get to see insanely good looking female characters fucking each other’s pussy with strap on, straight intercourse and amazing 3D realistic female characters sucking come big cocks. How sweet is that? Don’t start stroking your cock, though just now. Wait until you get inside because there is plenty more porn material that will make you masturbate in no time and you don’t want to miss that.

Sex Simulator: The huge porn material

The beautiful part of Sex Simulator is that this intro is just a teaser for what you are about to experience once you get inside the sex game. There is actually more than just one single sex game that you can find when you get in. I am talking about more than one thousand games available from different categories. You will see that there are hundreds of them just from one single category named hentai. If you are a hentai porn lover, than you really have to check this place out. They have all of this crazy games in one single place for your secret pleasure. You probably heard about Fuck Town and if you didn’t, let me tell you that this is a series of hot games that you can play in order to satisfy your fetishes and Sex Simulator has them all. These are simple games in which you just have to pass a little mission that is quite easy for a game player in order to get to the porn part. Once you are in, everything was worth your time. Those 3D realistic female characters are eager to get fucked and you got to help them fulfil their sexual desires.

Sex Simulator: Something else

They love to get fucked even though they are a little shy at the beginning, but once those teen Asian beauties get the taste of cock, they beg for more. The game play is so simple when the porn starts in the way that all you have to do is use your mouse to make some clicks and then the sex action begins. If you fuck the girls like a pro, they might let you cum inside their pussy. Now, let me give you some more details of what you can find inside Sex Simulator because games are not the only thing. You get to watch for free hundreds of porn videos. These are long sexual scenes with happy ending that run perfectly in full screen with an insane quality. There are also some full length sex movies inside with title that will blow you mind like Nail My Tail, Mommy Banged a Black Man, Real Adventure series or Mothers Teaching Daughters to Suck Cock. Aside from the sex videos, you have available inside Sex Simulator webcam models on the main page, 3D toons with lots of animated sex videos, a virtual reality porn site, and some free memberships to hardcore xxx websites.

Sex Simulator: Some other titles of sex games available

Let us get back to the games. I would like to mention some other gorgeous titles of games that I found inside Sex Simulator. I thought that it would be nice to tell you some names that are parodies after notorious games or even TV series. These games require some gaming skills in order to get to the porn part but no matter what you still get to fuck those gorgeous babes inside them. They are Call of Booty, Grand Fuck Auto, Mutant Orgy, Game of Whores, World of Whore Craft or Iron Cock. The game play of these hardcore games is much easier than the original games but you still might enjoy them if you are a game player. Once you get to the porn part, you will be amazed by how gorgeous those girls are and how much they enjoy a big cock inside their pussies. Turn you sound on to hear them moaning and begging for more sex and start playing.

Review Pros

  • Easy to play games
  • Huge amount of material porn
  • Hardcore sex scenes

Review Cons

  • Nothing...

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