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VR Fuck Dolls: General VR Adult Games

Before getting into the middle of the subject, VR Fuck Dolls, I would like to talk a little bit about how did games to into that place when we have the opportunity to interact with our favorite characters getting fucked inside a sex game. There wasn’t pretty much to say about xxx games back in the days. We had only a couple of erotic games that showed us a photos or a couple of erotic pictures with some naked girls and that was all. We are able to talk now about 3D adult games that make us feel like we are in the same room with the characters that fuck each other, not to mention about virtual reality porn games where we actually feel like we are fucking them. That sensation is absolutely amazing and unbelievably hot. Developers busted their ass for years in order to create perfect adult games for porn lovers to enjoy and be ready to spend a lot of time playing them. This is also the case with VRFuckDolls.com From the very beginning you get to create your perfect fuck doll and to make her do all sorts of fetishes that you like, because they will. The girls created are kinky as hell.

VRFuckDolls : Before playing

When you first enter the game you need to choose male or female. This is an interesting part because on the background you already can see some amazingly hot girls fucking and sucking big cocks so you can get a pretty good impression of what waits for you inside. One thing that you absolutely need to verify before playing is your age. You have to be over 18 years old before playing VR Fuck Dolls because they can’t afford to have kids playing their sex game. Once you did that, the game warns you that you are about to play the most addicting sex game ever an trust me when I say that if you have a family and a real job, you have to be careful if you start playing this sex game. The things that you will find inside might take over your life in an instant if you don’t watch yourself. Some extreme, brutal and sometimes, aggressive sex scenes are inside the game so you need to be OK with that, too. Some people might find it offensive and this is why VRFuckDolls.com just Want to give you a heads-up for what is going on in there.

VR Fuck Dolls games: The real deal with this amazing sex game

I strongly believe that you have the wrong idea about VR Fuck dolls already. You think that this is a unique and single game there, right? Well, you are not even close. Actually, there are hundreds of adult games waiting for you to play them. Can you imagine that thing? I don’t know they actually did it… how they succeeded to gather so many porn games into one single thing. We are talking about dozens of categories to choose from. From shooter games, to adventure games, word games and even strategy games, not to mention Hentai games, they are all here. And the characters wait for you to get inside and tell them how to fuck. This is the most interesting part about games nowadays. They made them all interactive so you get to choose when, how, and in what position should a female character get banged. Take a moment out there and decide what your favorite fantasy is and then search among VRFuckDolls and find a matching sex game. You will not regret a thing because they have it all. Let me tell about one of them that got my attention and that goes a little it to the extreme part of the porn.

VR Fuck Dolls : BDSM Discipline as a hardcore game inside

VR Fuck Dolls is absolutely insane. If you are a big fan of domination and if you are not, this sex game will definitely be one of your favorites. The sex game features a young girl who finds a house. A friend told her about that house, that some interesting and fun things are happening inside. Indeed, they are, but once she gets in, she can’t get out without being punished. And the beautiful thing is that she likes it. And guess what? It is your job to make her learn her lesson with all kind of sexual punishments. The best part of this hardcore sex game is that even though it is an interactive games, the game play is quite easy, giving you the chance to use just your mouse and make some clicks. You have a free hand to use if you would like to masturbate to VR Fuck Dolls and there is plenty of material to masturbate to.

VR Fuck Dolls: Fuck Town as a series inside

The hentai thing is amazing in porn. Japanese people created their own world with hentai games and a big, sexy series is a part of VRFuckDolls, also. Its name is Fuck Town and let me talk about one of the games inside. The name is Library Debt and it features you as the one who didn’t return a book to the library. You are late and no matter what you tell to that beautiful girl at the library, she won’t give in to your charms. What really turns her on is intelligence so you need to answer a few questions for her in order to get her naked. The game can be a little bit stressful with the questions but trust me when I say that it is definitely worth it. The girl loves sex and she really enjoys getting fucked by a big cock. She will tell you how to fuck her and if you listen and be a good boy, you get to cum inside that sweet and tight pussy. I hope you have a pretty good idea about VRFuckDolls and that you are ready to give it a try. It will definitely make your time worth it.

Review Pros

  • 3D xxx toon
  • Lots of sex videos
  • Interactive sex games

Review Cons

  • Simple games
  • Some advertisements
  • Mainly all VR

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