Hot Chicks Enjoying Rough Sex In Slap My GF

The porn industry has proven to everyone that the ladies enjoy their share of hardcore sex just as much as we do. But they enjoy it in a more passionate and glamorous way. You can see exactly how the girls like to be roughed up in the action of Slap My GF. This is one of the hottest games of the moment, coming with gameplay that mainly focuses on hardcore sex encounters. It has a strong BDSM theme to it, with lots of elements such as slapping, spanking, choking, some bondage, and lots of sex toys. But what these chicks enjoy the most will be the huge dick of your avatar. You will be able to gap all their holes and push it down their throat in this game in which the submissive hotties will be worshiping you.

The game was built using HTML5, which is what makes it so special. The characters look amazing. They are excellently designed with anatomical proportions that will spark urges in any of us. The attention to detail is unmatched. But enough talking. Enjoy the hardcore action in Slap My GF to discover everything about the game.

Review Pros

  • New Release
  • Excellent Characters
  • Plenty Of Kinks

Review Cons

  • Needs More Community Features

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