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RealAdultSexGame: General information

We all know what porn games were when it all started. I remember playing some sort of card game, pretty much like solitaire. It had as a prize some blurry pictures with a woman getting naked. That was pretty much everything games had to offer at that time. Today we have the privilege to talk about what means a RealAdultSexGame. This is in fact a porn game that will leave you breathless. It actually has sex scenes inside and the graphic is fantastic. What is even better is that sex games are today interactive. This means that they even ask you for help. You are the one who decides which girl is fucking, in what position and even how fast. You get to even design your own perfect 3D sex partner. Just from the first moments of RealAdultSexGame you get to build your sex partner. Once you agree with some few things, like the fact that you are an adult, you get to choose how your sex partner will look like by choosing her hair, tattoos and even boobs.

RealAdultSexGame: Intro

The best part of RealAdultSexGame that you should know is that this not just a simple game that will show you some boobs if you play nice. Once you are in, your mind will be blown by all the porn material that you will find inside. Right on the main page you get to see the latest added adult games. That’s right! There are hundreds of hardcore games inside RealAdultSexGame. It is actually a platform called My User Vault. Once you are inside, you will be in shock like I was when I notices how many porn games they gathered in this place. If you are a fan of hentai games, then you definitely want to enter this place. There are hundreds of them just inside this category. Some others are adventure games, word game, shoot or throw or puzzle game. Just from hentai I would like to mention some titles as: Test Your Sex Toy, Fuck for Luck, Hentai Boobs, Your Animal Instinct or Marge’s secret. Yes, that’s right! I am talking about Marge from The Simpsons. RealAdultSexGame offers hardcore games with cartoon female characters as well.

Real Adult Sex Game: Some other interesting features

To take a little break from adult games, I would like to tell you about some other features that RealAdultSexGame can offer you. One of these features is the porn videos field. You can find inside hundreds of sex movies that you can perfectly watch in full screen. They are of an extraordinary quality and feature full sex scenes of plenty of categories. Another feature that you can find inside is the full-length sex videos field. These are porn movies with extremely hot titles like Plump Babes for BBW amateurs, Mommy Banged a Black Man or Big Breasts Are Best. Extremely hot pornstars act in these sex movies so you should not miss this field. For animated porn lovers, RealAdultSexGame has to offer a field named 3D Toons. You can watch here lots of hardcore sex videos with gorgeous and realistic 3D female models that love to suck and fuck for your pleasure only. Other sexy fields in RealAdultSexGame are the free memberships to different porn sites where you can go and enjoy yourself, the Virtual Reality field where you can enjoy VR porn and Live Cams where you can enjoy kinky webcam models ready to interact with you.

RealAdultSexGame: Some other games

I think that is enough about the other features available. I am pretty sure that you got the idea of what RealAdultSexGame is. Now I would like to get back to games. And to do that, I want to mention some titles that will rock your kinky world. These games are parodies after original games, movies or TV series. The names speak for themselves: Grand Fuck Auto, Call of Booty, World of Whorecraft or Game of Whores. The gameplay in these porn games is not as simple as in the rest of the games out there. You have to use some of your gaming skills to actually get to porn but once you are there, you will see that it is totally worth it. Here are some other hot titles of games that you can enjoy inside RealAdultSexGame: BDSM Discipline, Adult Turtles, Sexy Chicks, Lois Doggy Style or Bitch Roulette. These are just some of the many porn games that you can find there and I would like to get you through the gameplay of one of them.

RealAdultSexGame: BDSM Discipline

I thought it would be nice to talk about BDSM Discipline as an example of adult games inside Real Adult Game. In this particular game, you have to use just your mouse to play it. The story is not difficult. There is one blonde teen girl who is looking for a house where she heard that some fun things happen. She gets welcomed by a mistress with naked big boobs at the entrance. When the blonde teen realizes what can happen inside this house, she decides to give it a try. Once she gets in, she is all yours. You are her master. You are the one who needs to punish her and teach her what it means being submissive. I have to tell you, though, that this hot girl loves being slapped and fucked hard, so do your best inside this one. Oh, and I forgot to mention that you have your other hand free to jerk off so enjoy it as much as you can because the blonde really knows how to fuck as any other girl inside RealAdultSexGame.

Review Pros

  • Ralistic 3D models
  • You can build your sex partner
  • Bonus xxx porn videos

Review Cons

  • A few ads

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