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I would like to talk a bit about porn games, porn in general and especially one great sex game that I found named Nutaku. As we all know, porn industry is such a huge industry today. WE have now interactive porn. So not only that we can watch, down the smallest detail, amazing sex videos of excellent quality. We can even choose what will happen in the next scene. So the girls play some roles in most of the porn movies and you have to choose from one of them. That fact is that if you choose wrong, the sex stops. This is what happens in Nutaku as well. If you choose right and make those girls happy, they will fuck you like you have never been fucked before. This is the beautiful part of interactive porn. You can feel like it is you the one who is fucking the girl inside. In porn games things are similar. You can use just one hand for most of the games. Make some few clicks and you can use your other free hand to stroke your cock while the sex runs for you. The girls even beg for more and want you to fuck them harder or faster and in Nutaku they are all kinky and horny.

Nutaku: Things to be done

When you first enter Nutaku you will have to choose some answers. They ask you if you played hentai sex games before. You have to agree that this can be one of the most addicting games that you have ever played. You need to verify your age, too. They have to do that to not find children playing hardcore sex game. You understand that, right? These can be some annoying questions but they have to warn you that what you will find inside Nutaku, like aggressive or violent sex, can be offended for some people. If you are ok with it, then you are free to go. What I forgot to mention is that while you answer all these questions, there are amazingly hot sex scenes running in the background. Hardcore Sex with perfectly shaped 3D female characters are running and trust me when I say that they really know how to suck or fuck a big hard cock. You need to have patience, though, and not stroke your cock yet. There is so much porn material waiting for you inside Nutaku.

Nutaku: What is actually means?

When you first get inside Nutaku, you can see that this is not just one porn game. There are lots of it right there on the main page. The one that you will see first are the latest added sex games. They have some reviews as well, because users are allowed to say what they liked and what they didn’t about the sex game that they play inside Nutaku. Since we are talking mainly about hentai sex games, you need to know that there are hundreds of hardcore porn games just inside this category. I have no idea how they got all those sex games in one place, but I believe that it is amazing. If you love hentai sex games, then you probably are familiar with FuckTown. This is a series with awesome sex games inside it. Just to choose from some few titles, I would like to mention My First Secretary, Library Debt or Erotic Dreams. These titles speak for themselves and you have no excuse if you don’t try them. Some other sex games will also leave you breathless inside Nutaku.

Nutaku: Some other sex games

As I told you, there are plenty of hardcore porn games to choose from inside Nutaku. The one that got my attention right from the beginning is HustleTown. It is actually introduced as a field. But this is a real sex game that could take hours to play. Inside it, you are a recently released gangster. You are nobody now and you have to build your empire again. To do so, you use drugs, guns and lots of hardcore sex. The gameplay is not that simple but it is totally worth it once you get to porn. Nutaku offers some other sex games as well. A few of them are parodies and it is so much fun playing them. The sex is awesome and the gameplay is interesting. These sex games are World of Whore Craft, Game of Whores or even Grand Fuck Auto. The gameplay is not that simple as just a few clicks. In these sex games you need to have a few gaming skills to get to the porn part. But once inside, the excitement is amazing. Those hot women are ready to get fucked as you want them to. I was curious about Game of Whores and I gave this one a try. Shall we check it?

Nutaku: Some last remarks

So as you probably can imagine, Game of Whores has something to do with the TV series GoT. In this sex game you have some troops available: soldiers and archers. You have to place those troops in front of the invaders to stop them from getting inside your castle. You have to stages available: outside and inside the castle. If the invaders manage to beat all your troops, your queen gets fucked. I am talking about the blonde queen who gets her pussy fucked hard and the beautiful thing is that she gets fucked no matter if you win or not. If you win she gets fucked by the good guy, otherwise, the good guy gets to put his dick inside the queen. If you are a TD lover, then this game is definitely your thing, not to mention that the porn part is absolutely gorgeous. In all the sex games inside Nutaku the porn is amazing, for that matter. If I got your attention through this article, don’t waste any more time. Get inside and enjoy yourself.

Review Pros

  • Lots of hentai sex games
  • Bonus xxx videos
  • Hardcore sex scenes

Review Cons

  • Some ads

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