Monster Sex Games

Monster Sex Games: Some things before

We all know that adult games are such a huge industry nowadays. You probable remember those little card games where you could choose a naked picture if you won, right? Well, imagine that we get to talk today about Monster Games. How cool is that? If you watched Lord of The Rings or Game of Thrones but you also are a big fan of porn like I am, then you are definitely in the right place. This is one of the craziest adult games on the internet. The aggressive sex scenes that will happen inside this games can be quite disturbing for some people and for those who have that as a fetish, well... it is safe to say that this is the game that they dreamed about. In fact, Monster Games actually warns you that what you are about to experience might include some brutal sex and they need to know that you are OK with it. As you can imagine, you also have to be over 18 years old to play this game. Children are not supposed to play this kind of games, so if you are not an adult, then step back.

Monster XXX Games: Some titles within

I mentioned before about Game of Thrones. Before going forward with this, let me tell you that Monster Games, as the title implies is in fact a series of hundreds of hardcore games involving monsters and not only. Every single fantasy that you might have is in there. All you have to do is think about it and search for the matching monster game. But let’s go back to GoT, shall we? The notorious TV series has a parody inside Monster Games. The name of the game is Game of Whores. The game play is quite simple if you played TD games before. If you didn’t, let me tell you what you have to do. There are some waves of monsters coming to your castle ruled by the blonde Queen of Dragons. You have some minerals at your disposal to place some troops in front of the attackers. There are two stages to play, one outside of the castle and one inside. The interesting thing is that no matter if you win or not, the Queen always gets fucked, either by the monster, either by the good guy. So just do your thing, and if you love TD, play well, but if you are here just for porn, then do whatever you want to, and get ready to masturbate to a gorgeous sex parody within Monster Games.

Monster Porn Games: Another interesting parody inside it

If you’re like me, then you are probably a gamer and a porn lover. As a gamer, one title got my attention also, in this world of Monster Games. And its name is World of Whore Craft. Now, I think every single one of us played WoW before. Imagine my excitement when I saw that it actually has a sex parody inside. Well, I know what you think, that it is impossible for this game to have the complexity of World of Warcraft, right? You are absolutely right. It is a parody game for Christ’s sake. What did you expect? But anyway, you still have some quests(so to speak) that you need to pass and guess what is happening when you’re done? Yes, that is absolutely right. A gorgeous teen that is a little bit shy at first gets fucked. But once she gets the taste of cock, she craves for more and deep banging. Monster Porn Games got it all cover with hundreds of hardcore games for you to choose from.

Monster Porn Games: Something else inside

The gorgeous thing about Monster Games is that we are not talking about a single game as I mentioned before. But that is not all there is. They busted their asses to offer you so much more than just adult games. And even though this is what we searched for, it is actually pretty nice from them to give you at your disposal hundreds of sex movies. We can talk here about page of single sex scenes depicted from movies that are filmed in full high definition and that are right there on the main page for your secret pleasure. They also have some full length sex movies for you to choose from and believe me, those pornstars are crazily hot. You have no excuse if you don’t get inside right now. Let me tell you about the webcam models available for you right on the top of the page. Think about those gorgeous show girls that are ready to make your deepest fantasy come true. And there is more. You have already an account to a dating site once you get inside Monster Games. All you have to do is visit and interact with the world.

Monster Sex Games: Final thoughts

Monster Games is the best adult game of its kind. If you are into monsters with tentacles destroying teen blonde’s fresh and tight pussy, then you are definitely in the right place. I have covered almost everything that this game includes. The bonus features inside it are amazing and more than what I just told you about them, I forgot to tell you that you will get a free membership to a porn site once you get in. The developers worked hard to have you loaded with everything you need in porn so there is just a huge database of porn material inside Monster Games for you to enjoy. Get ready to have your mind blown and just go for it. Turn your sound on so you can hear all those girls moaning while having their pussy and ass penetrated and don’t forget to be careful. You don’t want to get caught masturbating to games, because these girls will definitely make you stroke your cock.

Review Pros

  • Lots of realistic 3D models
  • Lots of hardcore games
  • Plenty of monster games

Review Cons

  • Mostly one niche porn
  • Advertisements

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