Minecraft Parody


Minecraft Parody – The Last Game You’d Expect To Be Porn

There is a rule on the internet which says that if something exists, it’s sure to be porn of it. It’s called rule 34 and this fresh game proves that it’s a true rule. There is a porn version of Minecraft, and you are about to play it. It comes with characters which are a bit less pixelated compared with the original game and some interesting and creative kinks which can be carried out during gameplay. The creators of this game put on their creativity hats and came up with some playable action. So many kinks and fetishes can be tried in this kinky Minecraft server and I’m sure that any player of this game will find everything interesting. You’re about to be amazed by how dirty the world of adult gaming can get. Read our review and try the game for free tonight!

Minecraft Can Get Kinky

If you’ve thought you’ve seen all the dirtiness in porn, you haven’t seen the action in the Minecraft game yet. Things can get really crazy here. It comes with everything a porn fan might need. It has solo scenes in which Minecraft girls are getting it on by themselves with some crazy dildos, it has one on one action with boys ripping apart their pussy with their pixelated blocky dicks and cumming inside them, it has lesbian action and even threesomes and orgies. You will discover all these sex scenes by exploring the open world map. The game lets you switch between characters, but you will also have some customization options. When it comes to the technical aspects of the game, everything is on point. Although this is a browser-based game, it comes with decent graphics and the movement is smooth. You will be able to play it on any device, no matter if it’s a computer or mobile, and no matter the operating system it’s running on. As long as you can run a browser on your device, you will be able to play the game. And it’s absolutely free.

Review Pros

  • Minecraft Porn Action
  • Variety of Kinks
  • Character Customization

Review Cons

  • No Download Alternative

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