LifeSelector: The intro

I would like to talk about a place named LifeSelector in this article. If you are a porn lover, you like games and you just got bored of watching just porn on the internet, you are in the right place. When we think of adult games the way they were before this huge evolution of porn industry, we remember those little funny games that showed us a naked picture of a woman. The pictures were blurry and they showed us just the tits but we used to struggle to finish it just to get the chance to see those tits. And that was all that we got, just some pictures. Well, today we can talk about adultgames that involve actually sex scenes with realistic 3D characters that will blow your mind. LifeSelector offer this as well as those hot girls are so horny and ready to fulfill your deepest desires. What is amazing about sex games and about porn industry, for that matter, is that most of them are interactive. You can now choose what it is going to happen next and you get to watch all the sex scenes in excellent quality as you will see in LifeSelector as well.

LifeSelector: The beginning

From the very first moment when you enter LifeSelector, you will see that this is such a huge place full with porn material that will blow your mind. The word that they focus on is interactive. This means that not only you get to watch porn scenes in full high-definition quality, but you can also direct the video and decide who is fucking, where and in what position. The girls beg for more and they ask you to fuck them harder or faster and they just need you warm cum inside their mouth. The sex scenes are in POV which means that you will feel inside LifeSelector that you are the one who is actually fucking that porn actress or that 3D realistic female character if we are talking about hardcore xxx games. There is one thing that you should know before playing LifeSelector or any porn game for that matter. You have to be over 18 years old to get inside. They have to verify your age so that no children get lost inside sex and porn games. This is crucial so please be an adult, even while you read this article.

LifeSelector: What you will find inside?

LifeSelector is so much more than just a porn game. The features that you will find inside are mind-blowing and you need to take your time before getting inside because it will take a while to surf through all this stuff. They have a field with pornstars that are ordered by popularity. This is a nice thing because you can find there the girls that are most preferred by the rest of the users. You have to know that those girls will make every single fantasy that you might have real. They love to suck a big hard cock and to feel it deep inside their pussy. They know how to fuck and please your cock so you should get ready to stroke your cock. Another thing that you need to do when you enter LifeSelector is to turn your sound on. In this way you can hear and be able to choose what do you want to happen in the next scene. That is pretty amazing and you definitely don’t want to miss it. The sex scenes can be watched in more than just one resolution. You can watch them in 720p but even in 320p if you have a weak PC.

LifeSelector: How the sex goes?

Once you choose the sex scene that you want to try, you go through different situations and if you choose wrong, the porn ends with the girl leaving. You have to please the girls inside LifeSelecter if you really want to fuck them. And of you are patient and you make them happy, they will fuck your brains out. This why interactive porn is so awesome and LifeSelector is the best there is when it comes to interactive porn games. They call it an interactive game because it is you the one who is calling the shots and the girls play different roles to cover most of the kinky fantasies that you can think about. They can be your sister in law, your teacher or your mother in law who needs some comfort because her husband is an ass. You are the one who is supposed to make them feel good and they will get you to orgasm in no time if you do it right. You can play a trailer in first page on the right to see just how awesome the interactive porn can be and you can decide afterwards if you would like to give this amazing place called LifeSelector a try.

LifeSelector: Some final thoughts

As you can see, LifeSelector is not just a simple sex game. It is actually the best place where you can play the hottest interactive porn games ever. They offer you a field with photos where you can watch the best porn pictures available and a category with models that are ready to interact with you in webcams. Don’t be shy and just give them a try. They are horny and ready to play the role that you would want them to. There is no need for you to watch simple porn videos any more. You can now be in charge and make the horny women fuck how you want them to and you can cum wherever you want to. Just be sure that you are alone in the house because those girls can be really loud when they fuck and reach orgasm. You would not want to get caught by your mom while you jerk off to interactive porn, or would you? With all that being said, feel free to join the horny world of LifeSelector.

Review Pros

  • Lots of hardcore sex scenes
  • Bonus webcam models
  • Horny xxx pictures

Review Cons

  • A few ads

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