Fallout4 Parody


Fallout4 Parody – The XXX Version Of Fallout 4

You will love this Fallout4 xxx parody game and that’s because it has the same vibe as the original release. The graphics are a bit different in the sense that the characters are bustier and with bigger asses. But other than that, the flow is kind of the same. The gameplay in this release is all about hardcore sex. Some of the characters in these games are the same as in the original gameplay, while others were reimagined to fit a kinky version of the game. And you’ll get to have so many adventures in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout. Here are some things about this XXX version of Fallout that you should know before playing.

Fuck Hot Chicks Like The World Is Going To End

Although this game is not exactly following the same story as the original release, you will still get an interesting plot which will connect all the hot sex scenes between them. In all of them you will play as the male character, except for a couple of lesbian sex scenes in which you will play as the dominant girl who gets to do all the fingering and strap-on banging. There are also a couple of interracial sex scenes. The graphics in the game are excellent. I like the real feeling you get when looking at the characters, because their movements and their body proportions feel natural. I also love the settings in which the action takes place. The thing that will give you that Fallout feeling the most are the backgrounds in which you will fuck the chicks. You get that nuclear desert, sex in the bunkers and also in the control room of a nuclear plant. All this awesome gameplay comes to you directly into your browser and you won’t have to pay anything for it. There are no hidden charges, no registering required and this is the full game, not just some demo version. I’m sure that any fan of the original Fallout series will have some moments of pure joy playing this game. Try it yourself, right now!

Review Pros

  • Great Background Design
  • Sexy Plot Line
  • Lesbian Sex Gameplay

Review Cons

  • Some Generic Characters

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