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Crazy Fake Taxi: General info

There are some things about porn that drive our minds crazy, if you know what I mean. These days, porn industry is such a huge thing and as porn lovers, we have the chance to watch down to the smallest detail some hardcore sex videos filmed in excellent quality and close to action. Once with the porn videos, these games also evolved in that way that when we think of hardcore porn games we can think of something like Fake Crazy Taxi. So just to be cleared that you understood right, this is not only a sex game with some amazing hardcore sex scenes of excellent quality, it actually has some gaming play in it that is quite interesting. The best part in these type of games these days is that they let you interact even with the porn part. You have to play a little before getting there and it differs from sex game to sex game but once you are inside the porn, it makes everything worth it. There is no better feeling in these type of games than deciding what it is going to happen next. The gorgeous female characters even ask you to fuck them faster or slower and Fake Crazy Taxi is all about that.

Crazy Fake Taxi: An intro into the game

Right before getting started, there are some things that you need to do. You have to choose your driver, your client and your car. You can even update the car like in NFS all the while some interesting sex scenes are running in the background. There is something you need to know before entering Fake Crazy Taxi and this is the fact that the game is so addicting. Imagine your favorite game, the game that took most of your free time to play and now add to it some amazing hardcore sex scenes where you direct everything. How sweet is that? If you are a gamer and a porn lover, Fake Crazy Taxi is definitely your thing. Before playing the game you need to verify your age because you have to be over 18 years old in order to play any sex game for that matter. The game involves rough, aggressive and violent sex and you have to take that into consideration and agree with it. You will find inside all sorts of kinky fetishes and you might want to hold your horses and not jerk too much from the very beginning because there is so much porn material waiting inside Fake Crazy Taxi.

Crazy Fake Taxi: All about this hardcore sex game

I think I should probably tell you why I said that and why I think that you should not cum too much when Fake Crazy Taxi starts. This is because once you verify your age and get inside, there are more than one thousand games waiting for you to explore them. That’s right! I was amazed when I saw so many porn games inside, all with mind blowing titles and hundreds of them only from hentai category. You definitely don’t want to miss such a huge list of adult entertainment games. Just from The Hentai category I would like to mention a few titles like Your Sextreme, Sex XXXPert or the gorgeous series of sex games named Fuck Town. Yes, they have them all. And I remember you that this is just from one single category. There are plenty others available like sports xxx games, adventure games, connect and match or strategy games. All of these are waiting for you to explore them and that’s not all that Fake Crazy Taxi offers.

Crazy Crazy Taxi: Some of the other features available

Fake Crazy Taxi is not just about adult games. It also has a huge collection of hardcore sex videos available for your pleasure. Sex videos of all sorts of kinks and fetishes are waiting for you to enjoy them in high definition and my advice is to watch them in full screen. They run perfectly that way. There are also some full length xxx videos available with amazingly hot titles like Mature Busty MILFs, Nail My Tail, Mothers Teaching Daughters How to Suck Cock or Mommy Does It Better. They sound pretty hot because they are and they wait for you to explore them. Another amazing feature that got my attention is the sweet 3D Toons field with hundreds of animated sex movies. There are a lot of perfectly shaped female characters that love to suck cock and fuck and beg for more. There are some free bonus memberships to porn sites and a virtual reality field filled with sex games. Last but not the least is the webcam field with some gorgeous models waiting for you to interact with them right on the top of the main page in Fake Crazy Taxi. You definitely don’t want to miss any of that.

Fake Crazy Taxi: Some other hot games titles

If from what I told you by now you are not convinced that Fake Crazy Taxi is the best choice for you, let me tell you some other games that you can find inside. A few titles would be World of Whore Craft, Grand Fuck Auto or even Game of Whores. The last one is a parody after GoT as you can imagine and involves the blonde queen getting fucked no matter what you do. You have to use some gaming skills to defend the castle from two waves by placing troops in their way but even if you stop them, your queen still gets her sweet pussy fucked. That is the beauty of games inside Fake Crazy Taxi. They all get into the porn part no matter what. For some games, the game play is simple and for others you have to try a little bit harder but in the end, it is all worth it because the gorgeous female characters will blow your mind when they start fucking. So just stop watching porn and get inside Fake Crazy Taxi.

Review Pros

  • Lots of hardcore sex scenes
  • Sex Games parodies
  • Bonus xxx videos
  • Realistic 3D female characters

Review Cons

  • Annoying adverts

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