Cumunista – The Adventures Of A Cum Addict Slut

Cumunista is a hardcore porn game which will sure appeal to all the men who are into slutty hot babes. In this game you will be following the adventures of a smoking hot blonde with big tits and an addiction for cum. You will be playing from the perspective of the many men who get to fuck her. And there are lots of dudes thrusting their huge dicks in the ass, pussy and throat of this horny slut.

The game is brand new and it comes with incredible graphics. It also comes with an excellent set of kink scenarios which will fulfill so many of your fantasies. I’m sure you’ll cum several times before finishing this game. It offers a couple hours of hardcore gameplay and it’s all going to take place in your browser for free. Read more about the Cumunista game in our review below.

What To Expect From The Cumunista Hardcore Game?

Cumunista is a game that doesn’t focus on plot as much as it focuses on the kink action. The story of the game is simple. You will follow a hot girl around as she searches for the right dicks. And she tries so many cocks in this game. You’ll get to play scenes in which she gets fucked by a date in a hotel room, you’ll get to see her as a slut handling multiple cocks at once during a gangbang party and she also goes to a gloryhole where she milks multiple stranger dicks for some cum cocktail on her face and down her throat. And the sex is great.

Besides the fact that this chick takes it in all her holes, the developers of the game did a great job with the graphics and gaming engine. Everything in the game looks so real because is anatomically correct. The movements are smooth and there’s a great care for small details, such as pussy wetness, nipple hardening and even body language. When this hottie will start having orgasms you will sure know it because she screams and twitches like crazy.

Review Pros

  • Next-Gen Graphics
  • Multiple Kink Adventures
  • Hot Character Design

Review Cons

  • Game Lags On Opera

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