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Cartoon Sex Games : The revolutionary world of

Cartoon Games is the living proof that porn enjoys itself of a fantastic evolution once with the technology that went so high nowadays. If back in the days we were able to watch porn only through some blury images on an old TV, today everything is changed. Not only that we watch now porn in full HD quality but we also have the chance to feel like we are in there with virtual reality techniques. Another type of porn that blew our kinky minds is games and among them, the Cartoon Games. We all watched snow white when we were kids or Sims. Well, if you had a dirty mind like I do, you definitely imagined those dwarfs banging the shy princess or Marge having rough hardcore sex. This is no longer a dream as once you get inside Cartoon Games, you will be amazed of all the kinks that are waiting for you to enjoy them. Not only that your favorite characters are fucking for you, but you also get the chance to choose the categories in which they do that. You can now watch taboo, bondage and domination, pregnant or any other filthy categories that you can think about.

Cartoon Sex Games: Entering the world

Cartoon Games warns you right from the start that taboo and extreme sexual scenes are about to be discovered once you get inside. If you approve, you have to pick single-player or multiplayer mode and choose if you want to be a victim or a villain. Once you pass these choices, Marge and Lois wait for you naked. You need to choose one of them as your sex slave. Pretty amazing, right? Some questions are straight ahead in Cartoon Games with some hardcore background images. They basically ask you if you are aware that this game it might change your life through it addicting character and you agree with all the kinks and pervs that the game is about to show you. The cool thing is that in background, a lot of characters are already having sex for your dirty pleasure. So you get to watch Lois getting fucked hard in her pussy while you have to answer some questions. That can be though, right? Cartoon Games gives you a heads-up of what is happening inside and ask you who would you like to see fucking in there? Some of the characters are already mentioned in the article and beside Marge Simpson, or Snow Queen Elsa, Velma from Scooby Doo is also waiting for you.

Cartoon Games: Marge’s Secret, a fantastic game inside

We all love The Simpsons and the fact that you get to watch your characters fucking now in fantastic cartoon games is spectacular. The fact they are made interactive is also stunning. Not only that you watch Marge being fucked. You get to decide how she’s fucked and you choose the positions and how your characters will fuck for your naughty pleasure. In Cartoon Games, Marge’s Secret features some hardcore sex scenes in which the horny female is getting fucked in several positions. She wants it deep inside her pussy gentle, slow, fast or hard and you press it and make it happen. Isn’t this amazing? To actually make her boobs bounce with just one click? The most beautiful thing about these Cartoon Games is that they made it all interactive but you also have the chance to stroke your cock as the gameplay usually resumes to just the mouse. There are also some games that can run in story mode like the one we are going to talk about now.

Cartoon Porn Games: Assassin’s Seed as another interesting game

This game can run in story mode. So basically, all you have to do is choose the option, lay back, relax and stroke your cock while everything is played for you like a movies, but with a screen play for games. Cartoon Games offers you the opportunity here to skip the interactive part in this game, but only if you choose so. This is actually cool, because you still have options here. They didn’t just make the game non-interactive, they give you the chance to make it that way. How amazing is that? The graphic of this game is great. It is easy to play eve if you don’t choose the story mode. What I didn’t like was the commercials inside the game. But hey, it is still a pretty sexy porn game, right? Another pretty cool fact is that in Cartoon Games you have not only games to enjoy. Hardcore videos are also available in there. Pornstars like Rita Faltoyano or Aletta Ocean are waiting for you to watch them fucking in videos of excellent quality. Fetishes of all kind like foot fetish, pregnant women or gangbang are there for your deepest and kinkiest fantasies. Free memberships on pornsites and dating sites are also already made with your account so you will definitely have a lot of options to enjoy yourself while visiting the world of cartoontube.

My final thoughts:

As you can see, Cartoon Games are a game changer when it comes to porn. They give you the chance to not just watch your favorite characters banging but to also take part of the action. The interactive mode in which they are built gives you the opportunity to feel almost like you are the one fucking those hot female characters inside the games. Don’t waste your time anymore and get inside Cartoon Games and enjoy all the kinks that are in there waiting for you. This is definitely one of the coolest porntubes there is on the internet and you will not regret a single thing once you decide to step in. You have to watch out, though, as they warn you, that this game can be pretty addicting and you might find yourself stuck playing games and watching exciting extreme porn videos and scenes of all kind once you step inside cartoon games.

Review Pros

  • Gorgeous cartoon characters naked
  • Easy game play
  • Interactive toon games

Review Cons

  • Medium graphics

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